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Low-dose technology for a safer world

Introducing Vatech's ultra-low-dose technology for doctors and patients.

Low radiation, clear and
fast images

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Reduced radiation dose compared to
conventional CT (based on Green X)

Fast scanning

Vatech's ultrahigh-speed scanning technology shortens the exposure time to radiation during the imaging process
and minimizes imaging errors by reducing the patient's motion artifacts.

CT Scan Time Comparison

High sensitivity detector

Thanks to the high-sensitivity detector, a key component of X-ray imaging equipment, we can get a clear image even with low doses and fast scanning.
Rayence, a subsidiary of Vatech, is the No. 1 X-ray detector company in Korea with panel design, detector development, and production technology.

(Artifact Reduction Technology of Vatech)

A technology to deliver a clean image by improving ‘Metal Artifact,’
where the surrounding area is blurred that the metal in the patient's mouth absorbs X-rays.

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